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Blue Couple, a busy year and other stuff.

June 2, 2014

Just getting back into blogging after a very busy year at De Montfort University. The two images in the previous posts are two halves of a piece, Blue Couple exhibited earlier this year at The New Walk Museum as part of the Leicester Society of Art annual show. It was finished only just in time for the show and sold so I feel as if I never really had it for long. Its a weird thing I do want to sell my work but feel attached to it in quite a personal way. Especially when the content is personal which even if not obvious my work normally is.

What have I been doing to prevent me from keeping this blog up to date?? Well it has been an interesting and rewarding year teaching on Foundation Art and Design as usual and what a brilliant year. Some excellent students and a really fantastic show. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing how they all get on at degree level. I have also been teaching Life drawing with First year Game Art Degree students. Quite challenging with the initial large groups but I’ve seen some great drawing and it has been a pleasure. Just hoping to be back there next year. I have had another new challenge working on a drawing project with the U3A in Countesthorpe. I am lucky that my career enables me to work with such diverse groups. This was such a great experience, working with more mature students is quite leveling. They bring a whole life time of experiences and there are lively discussions on a whole range of topics during the sessions as well as plenty of humour. I’m looking forward to some new projects with the hopefully. Add to that several community workshops in some interesting locations it really has been a busy year. Thanks and good luck to all my students, its a pleasure as ever to teach enthusiastic and delightful students.

So what is happening now? Some tragic circumstances have meant I will not be opening my studio this year as normal as part of The Harborough Artist Cluster. I will be participating in Art Windows (see image below of last year’s piece), Quinns and other group events around the same time. I’m actually looking forward to a different summer working on drawing and other creative projects.  There is the LSA annual again later this year and the Project show which I try to enter if I can.  Sometimes it is good to stop and review things; something I tell my students to do regularly but possibly fail to do myself.


Exhibited in Wesses's Bakery Window 2013.

Exhibited in Wesses’s Bakery Window 2013.

Blue Couple

June 2, 2014
Blue Couple Right hand side

Blue Couple Right hand side

Blue Couple

June 2, 2014

Blue Couple

Blue Couple

Agnies’s sketch from shirt manipulation work

February 15, 2014

Agnies's sketch from shirt manipulation work

Agnies’s sketch from shirt manipulation

Garment workshop – shirt manipulation

February 15, 2014

Open Studios- So far so good

September 15, 2013

A big thank you to all those who came to visit me yesterday in my studio. It was great to chat about Art and other topics, cake and tea were consumed and the garden got much praise also. It isn’t such great weather today but hopefully it won’t put visitors off. The kettle is hot and ready to go. A few tasters in case you aren’t sure what to expect.

Bathing Beauty

Girl Move - On

Girl Move – On

Open Studios

September 13, 2013

As part of my Arts practice and as a member of the Harborough Artist Cluster I will be opening my studio to the public this weekend (14th/15th September) and next weekend. Situated in Market Harborough town centre I am easy to find and look forward to a very busy few days.

There will be a range of work on show including several new pieces, work from ‘Objects and Artefacts’, a mini Installation and access to my digital portfolio and website. cards and postcards also available.

I will be on hand to chat about my work and anything else for that matter. It is a lovely opportunity to catch up with other creatives, friends and supporters.

Please have a look at my website

Parking is very easy at Sainsbury’s carpark and my studio is opposite Homebase, behind 14 Springfield street, MH, Leics, LE16 8BD. Look out for signs and posters.

Don’t forget to look around Town for the ‘Art Windows’ pieces, approximately 28 shops in the town centre have work on display for the whole of September and there is a fantastic prize draw to enter. Forms available in shops, Quinn’s bookshop, from studios etc.

All Harborough Cluster artists are open for The Trail Weekend, this week end and at other times individually. More information is available at

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio.

Skirt Workshop

July 19, 2013

Well done to all the Sewing Bees who made skirts on this workshop. We had some technical problems as various people’s machines played up in their own quirky ways. We managed to get them all sorted and even the overlocker was behaving. Here are a few examples.

Hannah's beautifully made Retro floral.

Hannah’s beautifully made Retro floral.

This fabulous Retro floral was made by Hannah and has since been seen on her holiday in Norfolk and shopping around Market Harborough! Perfect for this amazing heat-wave. Immaculately made, Hannah should be proud of the quality of her finished skirt and hopefully will feel confident to use the pattern she took away to make another one.

Another retro feel with a sophisticated contrast at the bottom edge.

Another retro feel with a sophisticated contrast at the bottom edge.

This lovely number, made by Kate, who with a small amount of pattern cutting adapted the original pattern and added a contrasting band along the bottom edge. She also used contrasting red elements in the top stitching and a funky yellow zip. We decided it would work well in summer with a vest top and sandals but equally well with boots and tights in winter. Despite having never made  a garment before and using a charming but elderly sewing machine, Kate’s skirt turned out beautifully. Great design details, lovely finish and really versatile. Win Win!

Images of the Skater skirts to follow. Rebecca and Gaby made these but have since whisked them away on holiday before I could photograph them. They have promised to provide images of them wearing them.

New Work, New Shows, New workshops

May 17, 2013

May is racing along, work is finished at DMU for me until September and I am now working on pieces for various exhibitions and shows. Open Studios with The Harborough Artist Cluster has got off to an excellent start. Even more artists have joined the group, a record number of shops are taking part in Art Windows and the prize draw is back with 10 amazing prizes. The Leicester Society of Artists has moved it’s annual show and project show so look out for that in October and beyond. I will be submitting work to all these events and more. A sneak preview of works in progress attached and don’t forget to sign up for The Next Great Sewing Bee skirt workshop running in Market Harborough on Saturday 29th of June. There are still some places but they are limited so sign up by contacting me at or my website links available on this blog.

Line, Mark, Layer, Stitch - Work in Progress

Line, Mark, Layer, Stitch – Work in Progress

Line, Mark. layer, Stitch - Work in progress

Line, Mark. layer, Stitch – Work in progress

A Matter of Seriousness/JGallery

May 8, 2013

A big thank you to JGallery for hosting my exhibition, A Matter of Seriousness. Thanks to all those who visited it and the positive comments made. The summer is here and my next challenge is a number of workshops and then Open studios and Art Windows in September followed by The Leicester Society of Artists Annual show and The project Exhibition ‘Drawing on Words’. Don’t forget The Next Great British Sewing Bee. The date is the 29th of June for A one day Skirt Workshop. Only basic skills required, pattern provided with lots of potential for you to customise and fit your skirt, so you go home with something really special and a pattern to make another if you want. Watch this space for more news on exhibitions and workshops.

Pressing Appontiments. Fabric Installation. Inspired by social and political events at home and abroad, celebrations, financial issues and conflict.

Pressing Appointments. Fabric Installation. Inspired by social and political events at home and abroad, celebrations, financial issues and conflict.

Time and Space fabric Installation at JGallery

Time and Space fabric Installation at JGallery